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Point One Navigation, Inc.

Standard Dev Kit

Standard Dev Kit

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The Standard Dev Kit is a cost effective entry point into high precision positioning that also provides a direct path to mass production.

For more information, check out the docs.

  • Mini PCI Express form factor for simple integrations
  • Point One FusionEngine positioning engine with RTK and inertial coupling.
  • Integrates with Point One Polaris corrections network
  • Centimeter-level accuracy, rapid position convergence, reliable output
  • ST Micro TeseoV multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS measurement engine
  • 6-DOF IMU

The Standard Dev Kit includes:

  • u.FL to SMA adapter cable
  • Multi-frequency GNSS antenna
  • Mini-PCI-Express to USB adapter board

This unit can also be paired with the SP1 and SP2 antennas for higher performance.

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